04 julio 2007

Accidente de Oleg Bondarchuk

Oleg Bondarchuk, actual Campeón del mundo volcó en Austria, cerca del mismo lugar donde se dió vuelta Kari Castle en el ante-ultimo Mundial femenino.Dicen que la turbulencia de los Alpes es violenta en esa zona.Tiene heridas internas y esta en Terapia Intensiva.Abajo la fuente, en ingles

Update on Oleg's accident
Mon, Jul 2 2007, 11:18:19 am EDT
Tumbling in Kari's favorite spot (
Emberger Alm, Austria)
Oliver Barthelmes <
oliverbarthelmes@ gmx.de> writes:
Oleg tumbled in very rough turbulence very close to the same place Kari Castle tumbled during the women's worlds. It happened two days after the pre-euros near the Spitzkegel between Weissensee and Hermargor ( Carinthia )
He suffered internal injuries, probably from his base bar hitting him in the stomach still in the air. At he moment he is in Villach Hospital in intensive care. Gerolf visited him, and he has most likely the more information.
The German Team wishes Oleg all the best and quick recovery.

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